The white house

How do we
meet the hills?

white house

Hoursclear Architects
Completion: 2014
Location: Plettenberg Bay
TEAM: Annemie van den Heever, Christiaan van Aswegen, Alexander Geh

This house is situated on a hilltop in the unique Tsitsikama eccosystem.

The architectural approach for the structure aims to create  simplicity, within a complex and alive landscape. Historic white walls encapsulate the rooms that mimic the simple farm stable structures of the area.

Arranged around a large outdoor room, the elongated surface area enables a multitude of views into the landscape. Water bodies serve to further reflect and extend into the surroundings.  

In a sense the White House is a monument to its natural context. It creates a void for its contemplation and a space that serves our need for a continual connection with the natural world.