Tygersig primary school

at the heart

tygersig primary school

Groenewald Preller Architects
Completion: 2012
Location: Tygersig, Cape Town
Photography: Marianne Jonker
TEAM: Deborah Preller, Trudi Groenewald,          Cilna de Waal

Tygersig Primary School is situated in a neighbourhood with high levels of gang violence. The primary focus of the design was to create safe, calm and inspiring spaces where children can learn and teachers can teach.

A further addition to the standard school brief was the creation of semi-public entrance plazas to keep waiting parents and children safe and to increase life and passive surveillance onto the street.

Monopitch structures with high external walls arranged around central courtyards create a safe and manageable perimeter whilst allowing a fun and playful internal world.

The single storey and exaggerated low scale of the walkways with playful roof landscape makes for a friendly school environment, a real home away from home. 

With a strong focus and incorporation of community needs the school stands as a proud and loved addition to the neighbourhood.