rosewood primary school


rosewood primary school

Groenewald Preller Architects
Completion: 2012
Location: Bonteheuwel, Cape Town
Photography: Marianne Jonker
TEAM: Deborah Preller, Trudi Groenewald, Cilna de Waal

Rosewood Primary School, like Tygersig Primary, is also situated in a neighbourhood known for gang violence. The similar typology, monopitch structures arranged around central safe courtyards gives the primary form to the school.

The semi-public entrance plaza situated on the corner of a busy street sets the scene for the friendly, safe and respected school in the heart of the neighbourhood of Bonteheuwel.

The bright and colourful school courtyards are adorned with educational and inspirational pictures and messages adding to the hopeful and focused atmosphere in the school building.

“This is where our adventure begins”