brick house

what makes
a home?

brick house

VDHDW Architects
Completion: 2017
Location: Strubenkop, Pretoria
Photography: Marianne Jonker
Photography & Videography: Honeyman Films
TEAM: Cilna de Waal, Lizelle Larson

This project asks the question “what makes a home?”  It explores the complex relationships between daily rituals, experiences, changing needs and responsive functionality.

Situated in one of the old suburbs of Pretoria, its focus is on outside living. The interior spaces spill onto large sheltered outdoor rooms that integrate with the garden.

The interior of the house is characterised by a play on volumes and natural light, light and earthy textured surfaces and integrated functional details.

The exterior utilises planting and screening as sun shading giving the house a green coat that will grow as the house ages.  

The house is at once old and new, spacious and intimate, nostalgic and modern.