BAYVIEW multi residence

TEAM: Annemie van den Heever, Philip Olmesdahl, Stefan Antoni


The Bayview Multi Residential Dwellings is a project realised through a collaboration between SAOTA and VDHDW Architects.  

This small development aims to deliver high quality densification in the suburban context.

The favorable location of the site on the lower slopes of table mountain allowed for the development of four dwelling units with a focus on modern convenience, views and privacy. A masonry and concrete structure was selected to allow strategically framed views onto the city and harbour, like scaled up portals to the outside. The elevation reflects a graded exposure, with lower levels shielded by the deep planted edge and upper living areas opening up to the distant views. Proportionally this creates a facade with an elegant balance of larger, vertically proportioned upper windows. The materiality is tactile and crafted, a combination of smooth and highly textured materials. The interior is focussed on addressing the question “what makes a home?”  With visuals flowing to the far distances outside, focus areas of warmth, intimacy and comfort is created through a deep consideration of daily rituals.