VDHDW is a future facing architecture studio that strives to give new direction to existing solutions. We engage critically throughout the building process to capitalise on the competitive and innovative edge that design can bring to the built world. We believe architectural design should serve its user, and account for both their smallest gesture in everyday life as well as strive for congruency and innovation within its cultural and natural fabric.

Collectively VDHDW has over 25 years experience in the design and management of projects ranging from Single and Multi storey residential projects to educational facilities in both the public and private sector.

- Look beyond  
- Engage connectednes
- Understand holistically
- Sweat the details
- Improve life




Annemie graduated from the University of Pretoria and has ever since been actively engaged in the built environment of Cape Town. She has more than 15 years experience in single and multi storey residential design. Annemie has developed the unique skill to develop and conceptualise multi storey residential conversions from project viability assessments stage through to completion.
She is emerging as one of Cape Town’s leading residential designers, with an idiosyncratic talent for detail, simplicity and practicality. Annemie founded VDHDW and brings the knowledge and commitment to redefine ideas around densification for urban areas as opportunities to create beautiful streets and exemplary, contemporary lifestyles.
BSc(Arch) UP 2003 BArch(Hons) UP 2005 MArch(Prof) UP 2006



Cilna completed her masters in architecture and started her career in Cape Town under the mentorship of Groenewald Preller Architect, a relationship that still continues in their shared commitment to creating high quality educational buildings in South Africa. Cilna has over 14 years experience in both residential and educational design and on site execution across the greater Cape Town landscape. She also completed a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town Business School and used this as an opportunity to gain knowledge on the new development frontiers facing our world in the 21st century.
As a founding partner in the firm, Cilna brings a solution orientated mindset to develop and deliver relevant, contextual and responsive designs for the built environment.

BSc(Arch) UP 2004, BArch(Hons) UP 2005, MArch(Prof) UP 2007
MBA FT Graduate School of Business, UCT GSB 2012


AdvDip(ArchTech) CPUT


BAS(Hons), MArch(Prof) UCT


AdvDip(ArchTech) CPUT



We are proud to have an ongoing working relationship with Groenewald Preller Architects and continue to exchange and develop knowledge related to education spaces.

Groenewald Preller is well known for its sensitive design philosophy regarding the environment, urban conservation and restoration. Their experience and expertise cover a wide range of architectural services. Each of the principals of the practice has vast experience [Trudi 47 yrs & Debbie 42 yrs] in a wide spectrum of projects, including a considerable number of community projects and projects of a highly technical, research or sensitive heritage nature, as well as specialized investigations and surveys.

Both principals contributed widely to the architectural profession. Both served as President of the Cape Institute for Architecture, on the SAIA National Board and on the Heritage Western Cape Appeals Tribunal. Debbie served as Chair of the Society of Architects, Planners, Engineers and Surveyors Western Cape, and contributed to numerous architectural education institutions, including as member of SACAP/CAA Validation / Accreditation panels. 

AWARDS SA Institute of Steel Construction Award, 2003: Winner of High-Tech Category for the Role of Architects (SA Large Telescope project).

SA Institute of Steel Construction Award, 2003: Joint Winner for the Best Project (SA Large Telescope).

2014 Mbokodo award for Excellence in Architecture awarded by the Department of Arts & Culture.

Steel Awards, Residential Category, 2015: Commendation (House De Clercq)